Novel treatment for pancreatic cancer
by Dr Sean Porazinski


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Dr Sean Porazinski is a Senior Research Officer at the Garvan Institute’s Personalised Cancer Therapeutics Lab and the recipient of the highly competitive De Angeli Cancer Research Grant awarded by St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation. 

Dr Porazinski’s research has made significant advances in understanding the biology of cancer initiation, progression and resistance.  His work has been published in international journals, including Nature, Oncogene, Current Biology, Nature Chemical Biology, Scientific Reports and the British Journal of Cancer.

Dr Porazinski is currently driving multiple projects with this study focusing on repurposing an anti-fungal drug as a novel treatment approach for pancreatic cancer.

In 2018 the De Angeli family generously bequeathed $2 million to fund vitally important cancer research projects.  These funds have ensured bright, enquiring researchers can pursue ambitious research in new areas.

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New treatments are desperately needed for pancreatic cancer.  Current therapies are suboptimal, adding a few months to life in successful cases.  We will characterise the ability of an anti-fungal drug to alter the pancreatic cancer environment and improve the efficacy of current treatments.  This anti-fungal is uniquely placed to counteract features of pancreas cancer that make it resistant to therapy.  By combining this anti-fungal with contemporary chemotherapy, we will create personalised therapies ready for rapid transition to the clinical setting.”