Gift in
Your Will

Steps to leaving a gift in your Will

Write or update your Will

Making your Will is very important, and we always recommend you discuss your circumstances with your solicitor. Your solicitor will ensure your Will is properly prepared, is valid and reflects your personal situation.

If you don’t have a Will, you can easily include a gift to St Vincent’s Clinic Research Foundation when you write a new Will. If you already have a Will but would like to leave a gift to St Vincent’s Clinic Research Foundation, you can either revisit your solicitor or make a ‘codicil’ addition to your existing Will.

Decide your gift

You can give a gift to St Vincent’s Clinic Research Foundation in several ways, depending on your circumstances. These include:

Residual gift: A portion of your Estate or the balance remaining after all your other wishes have been fulfilled, and expenses met. Such a gift is commonly stated as a percentage of the residue.

Percentage gift: A percentage of the overall value of your Estate that allows for growth or depletion of the value of your Estate.

Pecuniary gift: A fixed amount of money.

Asset gift: A specific item such as property.

What do I need to take to my solicitor?
You will need to provide your solicitor with the legal name and ABN of your chosen beneficiary. While we can provide some suggested wording should you decide to gift to St Vincent’s Clinic Research Foundation, we strongly recommend you consult your solicitor for further assistance. Key information and suggested wording is available here or contact us if you would like a copy emailed.
Who do I need to notify?

It is important to talk to family and loved ones about your Will to ensure they understand your wishes and that they are carried out as you had intended.  We recommend letting your family know that leaving a gift to St Vincent’s Clinic Research Foundation is important to you and advise any executors and guardians of your wishes also.

There is no obligation to notify us.  However, if you have made a gift to St Vincent’s Clinic Research Foundation, no matter what the amount, we would welcome the opportunity to thank you in person and acknowledge your contribution during your lifetime.  We would also love to share the outcomes of research projects currently being undertaken.

How can we help?

We understand this is a personal decision and will always be driven by your wishes. Please contact us on (02) 8382 6405 or via email at if we can assist in making the process easier for you. All enquiries are handled with confidence.