Supporting translational research is a powerful way to make a meaningful difference


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Translational research is taking scientific discoveries from the laboratory and applying them to real-world clinical practice. It’s a critical step in turning research into tangible solutions to advance patient care and improve well-being.

This type of research focuses on bridging the gap between basic research (which seeks to understand the underlying mechanisms of diseases) and clinical research (which focuses on developing new treatments and therapies for patients).

St Vincent’s Clinic has been a multidisciplinary centre of excellence for over 30 years. It is integral to the St Vincent’s Health Care network, with over 330 of Sydney’s top medical and surgical specialists in their field.

In 1991, doctors established St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation to further the research objectives of the Clinic with a primary focus on supporting unchartered medical research to advance patient care with real-world clinical practice at its core.

Translational research is essential for advancing medical breakthroughs but requires significant resources, including large teams of scientists and clinicians, often across many disciplines.

By supporting St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation, you are helping accelerate the development of new treatments and therapies, improving patient outcomes and creating a lasting impact in healthcare. Our rigorous grant assessment process ensures funding supports the most promising and impactful research.

To help fund research taking place on the St Vincent’s Darlinghurst Health Innovation Precinct, please click here to donate now.

Supporting translational research is a powerful way to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities affected by diseases and health disparities..”