Celebrating the Future of Research


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This week St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation celebrated the innovative research being undertaken on campus and congratulated our 2023 Grant Recipients, who were awarded a combined sum of $1M to support early research in the areas of clinical excellence and treatment for chronic diseases, along with mental and indigenous health.  It was such a special evening for our clinicians and valued supporters!

St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation is committed to supporting our talented doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals and is proud to play an essential and unique role in supporting early research.  The panel discussion included insights from the past, present and future of research and we thank our Clinicians for their time.

Prof. Peter Macdonald, Cardiologist & Senior Staff Specialist, shared details of how his work to better protect donor’s hearts led to a world-first transplant of a heart that had stopped beating, thanks to his “heart in a box” innovation.

Prof. Jerry Greenfield, Endocrinologist & Clinical Researcher, discussed details of his recent study focusing on the repurposing of existing approved medications in patients with type 1 diabetes, in part to harness their cardiovascular benefits.

Dr Lyn Chiem, Mental Health Clinical Director and a specialist in Psychiatry provided an insight into the vision for mental health research at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.