Improving metabolic and cardiovascular health following a heart transplant by Prof Jerry Greenfield


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Heart transplantation is a lifesaving operation that can improve the quality and length of a recipient’s life.  Diabetes is a complication that develops after heart transplantation, often from immunosuppressive medications used to prevent rejection of the transplanted heart.  Prevention of diabetes and improvement in glucose tolerance post-heart transplant will improve survival for heart transplant recipients. 

Professor Jerry Greenfield is an Endocrinologist and Clinical Researcher.  He is Head of the Department of Endocrinology and Director of Diabetes Services at St Vincent’s Hospital. 

Professor Greenfield has long been associated with St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation, and his research is making a significant positive patient impact.  This study will measure the effects of SGLT2 inhibition with Empagliflozin, potentially providing a novel therapy to prevent complications, including diabetes, kidney failure, and heart fibrosis, that can result from immunosuppressive medications.

The SGLT2 inhibitors are oral medications that improve heart and kidney outcomes irrespective of diabetes status.  This study will determine whether the SGLT2 inhibitors can prevent or improve diabetes after cardiac transplant and whether these medications can improve cardiac and renal outcomes.

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St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation grants are a great way to turn ideas into research, and this ongoing study shows a positive outcome.”