Empowering Research Excellence and Inclusivity: Celebrating International Women's Day with A/Professor Venessa Chin


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As we celebrate International Women’s Day in 2024, we spotlight the incredible achievements of women in science and academia.  At the forefront of groundbreaking research, we take pride in introducing A/Professor Venessa Chin, who has recently assumed the role of Chair of our independent Scientific Committee.

Our Scientific Committee, comprised of specialists and academics from St Vincent’s Campus has been instrumental in steering the course of innovative research within the St Vincent’s Sydney Health Innovation Precinct.  Committed to excellence, the committee meticulously evaluates each research application to identify projects with the utmost potential to impact healthcare outcomes significantly.

A/Prof Venessa Chin, a medical oncologist at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and a post-doctoral researcher at The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, has been an integral part of the Scientific Committee since 2021.  Her clinical practice and research focus on lung, head, and neck cancers.  With several projects studying how single-cell genomics can be incorporated into oncological practice, A/Prof Chin manages two extensive biobanking studies across the St Vincent’s/Garvan precinct, aiming to facilitate translational research and bridge the gap between laboratory discoveries and clinical applications.

In celebrating International Women’s Day, we acknowledge the invaluable contributions of women like A/Prof Venessa Chin, who excel in their fields and champion inclusivity, paving the way for a future where diverse voices drive scientific progress.  

“As a clinician-researcher, I find inspiration in exploring ways to utilise novel technologies for improving cancer patient care.  For me, inclusivity motivates teams of diverse individuals to freely share their collective experiences, ideas, and enthusiasm, creating the best possible research outcomes.  An inclusive research environment is a productive and happy one,” A/Prof Venessa Chin, encapsulating the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines her approach to research.